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Friday, December 16, 2011

holiday crafting adventures - part III

so following my wreck detailed in part II, i have some re-prioritizing to do for the holidays. first and foremost, i need to finish up for Gift Fest tomorrow. not surprisingly, i will be pumping myself full of caffeine and sewing late into the night if i hope to get any of this accomplished. on my abridged list for this evening:

+ print business cards / hangtags
+ finish 10 more gloves
+ sew 6 bags
+ tag and price everything

i'll tackle the other things on my list after the trunk show. it looks like shopping for the few gifts i'm not making this year will be hurried and last-minute, in keeping with tradition.

i prioritize my xmas gift list according to who i'll see first, and who i usually see after the holidays. luckily, my family is low-key, and we rarely can get everyone together on the actual holiday / birthday / anniversary in question. here's how i've broken things up:

1. co-workers at the office holiday party
2. boyfriend
3. immediate family that i will see on the holiday
4. friends and family that i will see after the holiday

 how many things have you crossed off of your list so far? feel free to leave any helpful tips or tricks in the comments section. seven days until xmas eve....happy crafting!

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