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i am a "slow fashion" designer dedicated to low-impact and sustainable fashion. i use only vintage, organic, upcycled, reconstructed, recycled, & salvaged fabrics. everything is handmade with love by me in dallas, tx.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new products @ IndieGenius!!

i've just added a ton of new bags, pouches, and color chart cuffs to my booth @ IndieGenius! here's a sampling:

new cuffs and pouches!

hipster pouches (great for cyclists) and more pouches
new convertible foldover messenger bags

Saturday, June 9, 2012

new products @ h2o music festival

so it's shaping up to be a long, gloriously sweaty day here at h2o. but yes, there are misting stations, a beer garden, and ample water vendors.

i'm set up in the vendor village to the left of the festival village stage (see map below).

i'm right next to some other fantabulous artisans, including mistura, who makes the most amazing hand crafted wooden watches i've ever seen. i've got my eye on a turquoise strapped one with real flower petals on the face...so beautiful ....

and 2 tents down is kitchen beautician, an urban street bazaar veteran for many years running! she makes soap, lotion, candles, all kinds of paraben-free goodies! it's going to be a hot one out here today, so grab some of her lip balm!

also there is a live screenprinting station from one eye open, loyal k*n*g, IndieGenius favorite meg morgan, and more! as if you didn't have enough reasons to come already...

here's a sampling of my new product, made specially for the festival:

Friday, June 8, 2012

h2o mention...

...slummed around the h2o website long enough today to find a mention! yes, hidden in the depths of the faq page, yomono is here:

Vendor Village
Over 30 local artisans and vendors creating hand crafted festival gear from Yomono, Folksie, Meg Morgan, The Neon South, and live screen printing by One Eye Open. Release your inner festival child with hair feathers by Faylynn Fairy Feathers, and Henna tattoos. Vendor Village is also the location to pick up H2O Music Festival and artist merchandise, like posters, t-shirts and more.

first i was all like "whoa."
then i was all like "that's me."

Thursday, June 7, 2012

vendor village @ h2o

2 more days until h2o music festival! i'll be at my tent in the vendor village all day with plenty of new bags, beach tops, wallets, color chart cuffs (my hot summer item), and more.

so look for yomono this weekend in between shows. i will be there until the very end of the event, and i'll be taking both cash and cards.

see you there!

color chart cuff - medium - blues
color chart cuff - blues
also available on etsy