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i am a "slow fashion" designer dedicated to low-impact and sustainable fashion. i use only vintage, organic, upcycled, reconstructed, recycled, & salvaged fabrics. everything is handmade with love by me in dallas, tx.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

winter wonder land

so along with some fingerless gloves, scarves, and hats, i've decided to venture into cape territory this winter. i'll be stocking my booth in anticipation of the indiegenius bazaar on october 22-23 with all kinds of sherlock-holmery. follow this blog to get a sneak peak of styles before they hit the boutique! if you see something you like, i might even let you snag it before the bazaar. ;)

and remember, i do custom orders! winter is the best time for corsets....

Friday, September 23, 2011

bow ties at make and made

i'm dropping off some more reconstructed bow ties to make and made today. so for all you hipster kids hitting the prom, don't miss out on some unique garb.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

glove time!

with fall right around the corner, it's winter accessory time at yomono. organic cotton and vintage knits are the focus for these fingerless gloves. they fit almost every hand size and at make great gifts. they're the perfect cure for every crafter's cold-hand blues. snag your pair early, because these are in high demand during the holiday shopping season!

organic cotton fingerless glove with vintage buttons

another great blog to follow

do yourself a favor and follow the blog - she woke up dreaming - for fashion, style, and (more recently) apothecary awesomeness; not to mention an adorable cat name bettie. how can you resist?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

yoga mat bags made from vintage fabric

got a yoga mat? need a cute bag? stop by indiegenius today and pick one up - only $18.00 and made from vintage fabric.

Friday, September 16, 2011

yomono is in love!

...with the golden fields of honey print from harmony art. curvilinear floral in yellows and oranges, modern yet retro -- too pretty to keep in your closet until spring. did i mention it's organic? and sateen?

oh...so lovely...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

custom corsets on etsy

new custom corset listings on etsy! organic undyed / sustainably dyed cotton over sturdy steel boning...these are quality corsets made custom to your measurements. i also take completely custom orders, so if you have that perfect corset in mind and want to manifest it into real life, just drop me a line at yomono.fashion@gmail.com! typical turnaround is 3-4 weeks. add 2 weeks for muslin service (i send you a prototype to ensure proper fit).

Monday, September 12, 2011

yomono & social action

i get frequent updates from change.org on new petitions. it's really the easiest way to make a difference. right now there's a man in georgia facing execution this month. 7 witnesses have revoked their testimony claiming the police pressured them into it. 9 people have signed affidavits stating a different man committed the crime. at the very least, this man deserves a new trial. it only takes a few seconds to make a difference.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

featured at make and made's 6 designers / 60 days

dropping off some more reconstructed menswear at make and made today. check out my full line in the boutique now!

workin' it at indiegenius

come by and see my booth at indiegenius in bishop arts. i'll be here most of the day if you'd like to meet the designer (myself). we're open until 8pm. here are a few teasers to whet your appetite for eco fashion:

vintage polyester fabric transformed into handmade jackets and skirts. put a little color in your fall wardrobe.

organic cotton steel boned corsets. fashion-forward and waist reducing. (wanna know a secret? they're also great for posture. just try slouching in one of these!)

colleen corset dress : ready for cocktail hour

finally finished the colleen corset dress. vintage-inspired neckline, built-in corset reinforced with spiral steel boning, backlaced. it creates a perfect hourglass silhouette, cinching in the waist and flaring out to an a-line skirt. watch for a custom listing on etsy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

custom burlesque costumes

i'm working on some fantastic new costumes for brigette rose! friend her on facebook to see her upcoming shows. trust me, she's amazing.

welcome to the yomono blog!

welcome to the new yomono blog! here i will be posting projects and new collections that are currently underway, and also some exciting custom work (namely burlesque costumes!). in the mean time, look for my product at these locations:

409 n. zang
bishop arts district in dallas, tx

art is art
2811 north henderson ave
henderson/knox area in dallas, tx

make and made
313 n bishop ave
bishop arts district in dallas, tx