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Monday, December 2, 2013

missed it at DDM? find it on etsy!

missed me at Design District Market last saturday? don't fret! most of my items are now listed on yomono.etsy.com! here's just a taste of what you'll find:

organic cotton combo bags - $55

organic cotton x-body bags - $35


organic cotton fingerless gloves - $20

Cyber Monday Code!!

Get 20% off everything from Yomono with code: GIFTMONO2013 at yomono.etsy.com! This week only!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

who loves me enough...

...to buy me literally anything from miu miu's ss14 collection??

let's all just take a moment to drool, shall we?


xoxo yomono

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ready for urban street bazaar?

Urban Street Bazaar is coming up october 19th-20th in bishop arts! the weather is changing and it's time to shop for fall, so mark your calendars.

yomono will be there in full force with brand new bags, bow ties, and pouches, handmade with <3 in dallas, tx.

come support your local handmade artisans! but more importantly, walk away with some cool-ass merchandise!

see you there!
xoxo charlotte

Monday, August 26, 2013

goddamnit, #thombrowne ...

that sentence ends in "i love you," because the more thom browne i see on the runway, the more i love him.

working in an arguably "accessible" menswear environment, i tend to gravitate toward the more wearable runway fare for everyday purposes, mostly to get the point across with as few what-the-fuck-style faces as possible. which is why it's so refreshing to see actual art on the runway. you won't see this little gem in barney's anytime soon, because this is a showcase of aesthetic, not a catalog pre-order.

image from stylesight.com

not that i at all dislike thom browne's in-store line, because i consistently love his suits.

but this is about expression and doing exactly what he feels like doing. his past several seasons have been satirical juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity, smashed together in a somewhat comical but no less serious manner, and he's dead on every time.

he's made me add a qualifying "except when thom browne does it" clause to more than one statement. por ejemplo: "I hate nautical..." or "Clown plaid looks stupid..." (though, to be fair, i can say the same for gaultier in regard to the former.)

so my point is this: i love you, thom browne, whether you are over-plaid-ing or shoulder-padding or tacking on a little something to protect those crown jewels -- i freaking love you.

so i leave you with this link to my pinterest board of some favorites from SS14.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

new custom corset listing on etsy!

check out my latest etsy listing for this 10-inch underbust corset in spring green organic cotton sateen! custom made to your size and always handmade in dallas, tx!

yomono.etsy.com   -   photo x studio rocket science  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the recipe post...

so here at yomono, we (and that's the royal "we" since it's just me) occasionally fall out of healthy eating habits, due mostly to crazy sewing deadlines for fashion shows, bazaars, and markets. or, as i like to call it, #lifeinthefashlane. so in an attempt to publicly shame myself (ourselves?) into staying on track, we thought we should share an easy breakfast recipe that we're trying to institute: vegan chia seed pudding. this is stupid easy to make, and even harder to screw up. chia seeds are super healthy, and give you your morning protein and omegas. you have to soak them in something so they absorb the liquid and push out all their inner goodness to form a gelatinous layer on the outside which gives it the pudding-like texture. you have to do this to get to the nutrients to the outside where your body can absorb them. so here's the basic ingredients:

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or soy, coconut, rice, hemp, flax...whatever gets you going)
3 tbsp chia seeds (sold in bulk at wholefoods)
2 squeezes of agave nectar (or your sweetener of choice, to taste)

and now the fun part....flavoring it however you want! hint: if you replace the agave above with maple syrup, it will be more of a oatmeal-y flavor. there are a million recipes online. personally, i use the agave and then add:

1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp cocoa powder
1/2 cup fresh berries (or granola, pumpkin seeds, whatever)

and assemble!:

pour the milk, vanilla, cocoa, and agave in a bowl. whisk together until completely incorporated. add the chia seeds, and whisk until they are well distributed in the mix, and all seeds are wet. leave on the counter for 10 minutes, then whisk again to break up any big chunks. put in the fridge to chill overnight, or at least an hour or two. top with fruit right before you eat. makes 2 pretty good sized servings.

we made 2 versions of this recipe last night and had the cocoa version for breakfast. good job, "us!"

Monday, April 29, 2013

yomono is back!

wow, it's been a while, huh?

so after the whirlwind first quarter with 2 amazing runway shows, and a short break thereafter, i'm back in the saddle!

i have a lookbook in works with the talented folks at studio ROCKET SCIENCE and, not to brag, but guys & gals, it's going to slap you in the face with awesomeness. look for it here in the coming weeks!

also look for bag and accessory restocks at Indie Genius, which are coming soon. AND i'll get my fw13 garb up on etsy for custom orders shortly, so watch for that, too.

see you soon....