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Sunday, December 11, 2011

holiday crafting adventures - part I

if you're like me (and untold numbers of other local handmade business owners), you've got quite a bit on your plate in the next 2 weeks. so how do you keep it all straight without ending up dry heaving into a paper bag in the fetal position? well, i swear by list-making. i have a limited number of hours per week to run my business, as i still work a 9-to-5 day job to pay for boring stuff like rent and food. planning out my time is critical so, for starters, let me impart to you my personal to-do list:

+ sew for Gift Fest encore trunk show at ArtisArt
+ buy craft supplies for xmas gifts
+ assemble & wrap gifts
+ determine fabric needs for best-sellers
+ sew restocks for my booth at IndieGenius
+ print business cards (yes, i print my own)
+ restocks for IndieGenius
+ new photos for etsy listings

it's only overwhelming if you let it be. since i started writing this post, i've already accomplished one thing on my list, which i've marked through. the biggest mistake that i've learned from has been overbuying of materials whose end product doesn't sell as well as i expect. it's not hard to figure it out, it just takes time (or at least it did for me). so now before i purchase any expensive organic fabrics, i very carefully consider supply cost versus sales history. i've been lucky enough to find a product that sells well for me, so i am pretty confident in restocking that particular fabric. judging by my sales at my booth and a recent trunk show, i know what to expect this holiday shopping season.

so first on my list is sewing product for an encore trunk show at ArtisArt. the first show was on the 4th, and we did so well that they invited me back for a second show! (lucky you, shoppers, because the weather was wet and dreary that weekend, and i'm sure a lot of you stayed home because of it.) i've got 3 days left to sew a dozen gloves and 6-8 purses, so i've planned out my time accordingly. tonight i'm sewing exclusively gloves, tomorrow i'm finishing them, and friday night i'll work into the wee hours finishing all the purses i've cut. did i mention saturday morning i have a shift at IndieGenius immediately before the show? so if you see me tagging purses behind the counter, you know what's up. ;)

updates to come as i work down my list... trust me, if i can do it, you can do it.

saturday, december 17  |  2-5pm  |  ArtisArt on henderson

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