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Monday, October 3, 2011

learning curve

the great thing about making custom garments is learning something new. so while i've never made a khaki men's duster or spandex poly-boned corset of my own accord, it's taught me several new techniques to add to my sewing repertoire. yes, i've attained many a wisdom-nugget along the way, including these great gems.

  • apparently my machine can handle rubber, vinyl, and chiffon
  • singer universal needles deserve more credit than they get
  • how to change a drive belt on a vintage singer rather than pay someone $200
  • faux feathers are redonkulously expensive
  • how to alter store-bought garments that have some funky construction
  • how to hand bead
so bring on the custom requests! yomono.fashion@gmail.com

vinyl: not so scary afterall!

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