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Thursday, October 20, 2011

donating to #occupydallas

in an effort to support the protesters at city hall park, i will be donating 20% of profits made during the indie bazaar this weekend to occupy dallas. they are willing to sacrifice their time, health, and face the possibility of arrest for speaking up on our behalf. they are our voice, and we need to stand by them.

so please join us at indiegenius in bishop arts this weekend! not only will you be supporting local businesses run by real people (not a board of shareholders concerned only with quarterly profits), but also know that 20% of profits from yomono will go DIRECTLY to occupydallas.org.

to donate directly, offer your services, or participate in the protest, follow occupy dallas on facebook. or visit occupydallas.org. they need a slew of services and items (listed on their website), so if you are in the area and can drop anything off, they would vastly appreciate it.

shop local. question authority. we are the 99%.

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